Revolution \ Evolution

from by Ma'anish

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So just when you thought, the worst was gone:
the oppressors keep us down to the lowest vibrations
Psychologically, choked through mind manipulation
A mirage created for us to live in confusion
Reality - now brought to the surface:
Inner enlightenment!

A glimmer of light is still shining through this pile of lies
Behind their masks we all perceive their real intentions
We know the rhymes, of their sweet, lullabies

Time has come (for us to take position)
Who will choose... (your goals, your future, your global destiny ?)
Through wisdom... (this unexpected reunion will take place)

You're way more than you thought
You were more than they taught you
Your infinite potential is now blooming
The fruits of our efforts are arising

The coalition of all sorts of life
is now melting beneath our feet
and far over our heads a cyclone of energy
is penetrating our souls
While focusing on our strength to change things
We create what tomorrow will be!

Humankind is reaching a new level
of consciousness...
The truth is taking form.

The time has come... (for us to take possession)
Through wisdom... (our goals, our future, our global destiny)
The time is now!

Worldwide corruption causing self-destruction no more


Revolution being part of Evolution
Evolution being part of Evolution

Billions of people sharing the same dreams
Now connecting together to create what will be
The beginning of the end for all obsolete ways
Of always creating disasters to try and control us

the oppressors living their self-inflected vibrations Psychologically choked by their own mad intentions their mirage soon will be no more...


from Under The Fig Tree, released October 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Ma'anish Israel

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